Lower School (K–5)


Keyboarding and Intro to Coding with Osmo MINI-COURSE cancelled

Grades 3-5
During the first half of every class, students will learn how to type or improve their keyboarding skills.  This course will accommodate beginning to advanced keyboarders through the use of online typing programs. Students will work at their own pace as they follow an appropriate progression of lessons.  The instructor will promote good typing habits, provide helpful suggestions, and monitor student progress.  Typing games will be incorporated into class time when appropriate.

The second half of the class day will be devoted to introductory coding through the use of analog and digital interactive activities.  Using Osmo™ game system, students will develop skills in logic and problem solving through a series of developmentally appropriate physical commands and challenges, which help to introduce and reinforce core coding concepts. Materials will be provided.

July 6 - July 17
12:30-3:00 pm

Robotics & Digital Animation MINI-COURSE cancelled

Grades 2–5
Robots and cartoons—what a combination! This course joins two dynamic areas of technology in a morning full of fun and excitement. First, you’ll build and program LEGO ® WeDo 2.0 and MINDSTORMS robots, learning how to work with gears, sensors, servo motors, and robot programming language. Then you’ll draw your own characters on a computer screen and bring them to life using animation software, adding sound effects and music to make a finished product that will amaze friends and family. In both activities, you can set your imagination free while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Session 1: June 22 – July 2*
9:00 am–12:00 pm
Session 2: July 6 - July 17
9:00 am–12:00 pm
Session 3: July 20 - July 311
9:00 am–12:00 pm
*No class Friday, July 3
1Session 3 does not include animation

Game Design and Animation with Scratch MINI-COURSE cancelled

Grades 5-8
"Scratch" is a programming language that allows for the creation and sharing of interactive media (stories, games, and animation) with people from all over the world.  As they create with Scratch, rising 5th - 8th grade students learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically, all critical 21st-century learning skills.  This 1-week class will teach students introductory programming using Scratch, a graphical block-based programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. Students will ultimately design and create an original video game or animation, then share it with the world for critical feedback and modification.  No prior programming experience is necessary. (Also listed in Middle School)
June 22 - June 26
9:00 am–12:00 pm

App Inventor MINI-COURSE cancelled

Grades 5-8
App Inventor is a graphical block-based programming language developed by Google and MIT. It allows children new to computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system.  In this 1-week course, rising 5th - 8th graders will design and develop Android apps (for smartphones or tablets) by brainstorming and working collaboratively in small groups.  Teams will then develop prototypes, critique and troubleshoot as a group, and build functional and working cloud-based Android apps or games, which can then be downloaded to and modified from personal devices. Prior block-based programming experience (e.g. Scratch) is helpful, but not required. (Also listed in Middle School.)
June 29 - July 2
9:00 pm–12:00 pm
$340.00 *No class Friday, July 3
Located in Washington, D.C., St. Albans Summer Programs – a combined summer camp and summer school for area and out-of-town boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 12 – provides half- and full-day academic and art classes and athletic camps for football, golf, rowing, swimming, and tennis at state-of-the-art athletic facilities.