Middle School (6–8)


English, Grade 6

Grade 6
For students who have successfully completed the 5th grade or who wish to review 6th grade English, this course concentrates on the fundamentals of English grammar, spelling, public speaking, literature, and both creative and expository writing. Students focus on writing effective sentences and unified paragraphs. Special attention is paid to helping students strengthen specific areas of weakness.
June 17 – July 26
9:00–10:00 am

English, Grades 7–8

Grades 7–8
For students who have completed grades 6, 7, or 8, this course provides the student with a thorough review of English grammar, practice writing compositions (with special attention to developing effective paragraphs) and various types of speeches. Students read different works of literature, in addition to studying vocabulary and spelling. Several papers are assigned each week, from descriptions to character sketches to short stories. Attention is given to the needs of each student.
June 17 – July 26
10:00 am–12:00 pm

Basic Grammar & Writing

Grades 7–9
This course for students in grades 7, 8, and 9 involves high-intensity instruction in which the student concentrates on review and practice of those basic skills necessary for the writing of effective sentences and for detecting and correcting common structural errors in sentences. The goal of the course is the development of the student’s ability to write acceptable high-school-level prose in unified, coherent, adequately developed expository paragraphs. This goal is reached by covering the areas of grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling and diction, effective sentences and finally, the paragraph. Writing assignments vary from critical to expository to creative. (Also listed for Upper School.)
June 17 – July 26
8:00–10:00 am

Creative Writing - Short Stories

Grade 6–8
Each 2-hour class will consist of reading and analyzing a short story, and then creating our own short story scenes.  We will study the elements of fiction (setting, character, plot, theme, and conflict) in order to create the elements of fiction.  Daily writing prompts will get students’ creative juices flowing.  By the end of the session, students will have a completed scene or story that will have gone through teacher and peer workshop, revision, and editing. Please note: The course is repetitive, so please select only one of the sessions.
Session I: June 17 – June 28
12:30–2:30 pm
Session II: July 1 – July 12
12:30–2:30 pm

**Tutoring may be available for any English-related discipline. Please contact the summer school director, Tom Carroll, to explore this option.
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