• Technology
Upper School (9–12)


All classes IN-PERSON

3D Printing and Design MINI-COURSE

Grades 6–9
3D Printing and Design is a two-week, hands-on enrichment course for students in grades 6-9. During the first week of the course, students will learn the 3D design software, Tinkercard, and create a series of objects using step-by-step instructions.  Objects will include a button, trick die, chess pawn, spork, zipper pull, numbered die, customized stamp, and monogrammed ring.  Additionally, they will learn how to use a Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer and how to setup files to print 3D objects.  In the second week, students will work on hacking and modifying 3D designs of objects for their own use.  Students will have the opportunity to print out some of their designs during the course.  No prerequisite is required. (Also listed in Middle School.) 
July 5 - July 15
9:00 am–12:00 pm

Introduction to Programming (Parrot Drones & Dash Bots) MINI-COURSE

Grades 6–9
Introduction to Programming is a two-week, hands-on enrichment course for students in grades 6-9. For the first week, students will be enrolled in the Accelerated Intro to CS Course on code.org, where they will learn the core computer science and programming concepts of algorithms, loops, and functions with parameters.  In the second week, students will accomplish programming challenges using their newly acquired coding skills to program a variety of robots (Sphero, Dash, and Parrot Drone) using the apps Tynker and Tickle.  No prerequisite is required. (Also listed in Middle School.) 
July 5 - July 15
12:30 pm–3:00 pm
No class Monday, July 4

Digital Storytelling: Podcasting and Production

Grade 7-12
Have you ever wondered how those NPR radio stories, or your favorite podcasts, are made? In this course, students will serve as radio host, writer, or producer and make their own original programming, learning to use the same tools and techniques as the professionals. Brainstorm, write a script, record audio, and work as a team to tell a story through the podcast medium. Workshop with other students on the final day before publishing your very own podcast! Consequently, students will be introduced to the tools of digital storytelling, both the hardware and software, through an exercise in journalism. All the while helping students develop their expository writing skills and fostering encourage creative and collaborative work through digital media. (Also listed for Middle School). 
Session 1: CANCELLED
Session 2: July 18 - July 29
Located in Washington, D.C., St. Albans Summer Programs – a combined summer camp and summer school for area and out-of-town boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 12 – provides half- and full-day academic and art classes and athletic camps for football, golf, rowing, swimming, and tennis at state-of-the-art athletic facilities.