Middle School (6–8)


Art Explorations

Grades 4-6
Designed for those with an interest in visual arts, this course provides students with the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials, while exploring design elements through theme-based projects. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists, styles, and cultures, students will practice using different techniques and media to develop their creative responses. Choose from 1 of 2 sessions. (Also listed for Lower School).


Art & Design Science NEWMINI-COURSE

Grades 7–12
Art & Design Science is a course that investigates principles in the fields of art, engineering, and science. This course will look at the means in which modern innovations and contemporary design utilize simple forms to solve complex issues. The course will begin by exploring the grounds at St. Albans, going outside to visualize form and function through direct observation with the natural world. Students will apply geometry and polygonal form to construct a series of projects. Through trial and error students will build prototypes, transferring 2-D materials to 3-D objects through paper folding and origami tessellations. Students will learn how pattern and form define the abilities and behaviors of structures through problem solving activities. The class will work together to design and construct a final geodesic dome based upon concepts learned in class.
July 16-July 27

Theater: Process and PerformanceNEWMINI-COURSE

Grades 6-8
Join this new program led by faculty members of the STA/NCS Coordinate Theater Department, to explore all phases of theatrical performance and production. Students will participate in both acting and production/design activities as they create a realized performance of scenes at the end of the three week program.

Located in Washington, D.C., St. Albans Summer Programs – a combined summer camp and summer school for area and out-of-town boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 12 – provides half- and full-day academic and art classes and athletic camps for football, golf, rowing, swimming, and tennis at state-of-the-art athletic facilities.