Upper School (9–12)

Foreign Language

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  • Chinese

    Chinese I

    This course is designed for beginners and students who want to strengthen their Chinese foundation. Students will learn the Chinese phonetic system, greetings and self-introduction, and conversational Chinese relating to shopping and school life. Cultural activities include calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, Tai-chi, and making dumplings. (Also listed for Middle School.)

    Chinese II

    This course is designed for students who have studied Chinese for one or two years. The teacher will help students enlarge their vocabularies and expand the topics they can talk about in conversational Chinese. Students will explore new topics such as campus life, entertainment, media, and travel. Basic writing skills will also be taught. Chinese culture and history will also be introduced. (Also listed for Middle School.)

    Chinese III

    This intermediate-level class is conducted in Chinese, and is for students who know about 200 basic Chinese characters. The course focuses primarily on the further development of reading, translation, and writing skills in Chinese. Students will strengthen their writing skills by composing advanced essays, drawing on materials from authentic news, magazines, and modern Chinese literature. In addition, short stories and poems from classical Chinese literature will be introduced as supplementary readings. Advancement of oral expression and communication skills will be emphasized as well.
  • French

    French I

    Grades 9-12
    A course for students who want a thorough review of first year French or who want to begin their study of French.  This course focuses on grammar, verb drills, and vocabulary. (Also listed for Middle School.)
    June –July 
    10:00 am–12:00 pm
  • Latin

    Latin I 

    An introduction to the elements of Latin grammar, all cases of nouns are learned as are all tenses, active and passive, of the verb in the indicative mood. Learning basic forms and vocabulary through drills and written exercises is stressed, with additional attention to Latin derivatives in English and aspects of Roman culture. (Also listed for Middle School.)

    Latin II 

    This course is a continuation of Latin I with a rapid survey of basic forms and syntax followed by completion of the elements of grammar—participles, uses of the infinitive and the subjunctive mood. Written exercises and reading passages reinforce forms, vocabulary, and new constructions.

    Preparation for AP Latin  NEWMINI-COURSE 


    This summer, St. Albans will offer a 3-week course to help students prepare for the Advanced Placement Examination in Classical Latin.  The course will include readings from Vergil's Aeneid Books 1,2 and 6 as well as Books 1 and 5 of Julius Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War.  The class will emphasize review of advanced topics in grammar and syntax, though it will also introcuce several of the interpretive skills expected by AP examiners.
  • Spanish

    Spanish I

    An elementary course in Spanish for beginners and for those who wish to review first year Spanish, this course concentrates on grammar, verb drills, and vocabulary building, with oral work, reading, and writing. (Also listed for Middle School.)
    June –July 
    10:00 am–12:00 pm

    Spanish II  

    A course for students who have finished Spanish I or who want to review second year Spanish, this course reviews the fundamentals of Spanish I, expands vocabulary, and increases facility through oral and written work.

    Spanish III 

    A course for students who have finished Spanish II or who want to review Spanish III, this course is taught almost exclusively in Spanish. The course focuses on a comprehensive review and on an in-depth analysis of the intricate patterns of the language, with oral presentations, both in-and out-of-class readings and an introduction to Spanish history, literature, and art.
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