Upper School (9–12)



A review of the basic principles of biological science, the course surveys biochemistry, energetics, molecular biology and genetics, botany, animal physiology, reproduction and development, as well as evolution and ecology. Biology includes both experimental and observational laboratory experiences, as well as field trips.
June 18 – July 27
10:00 am–1:00 pm
(ends at 1:30 pm on Thursdays)

Biotechnology MINI-COURSE

Biotechnology is a one-week, laboratory based enrichment course for rising 8th through 12th graders. The course will start with a review of DNA structure and genetics. From there, students will explore the major techniques used to study DNA. This includes DNA extraction from plant and animal cells, pipetting, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis, and microarrays. The only prerequisite for this class is a desire to learn! (Also listed for Middle School.)
June 25 – June 29 *4 spots remain
9:00 am–12:00 pm

Chemistry New Time

An introductory course in Chemistry, emphasis is on developing problem solving skills, conceptual analysis, and laboratory techniques. Specific topics covered are stoichiometry, gas laws, atomic theories, periodic properties, and ionic and covalent bonding, as time permits.
June 18 – July 27
9:00 am–12:00 pm
(ends at 12:30 pm on Thursdays)


This course is designed to foster students’ scientific abilities and to provide a solid foundation in core topics of physics. Through a variety of hands-on activities and lab experiences, students will learn to make observations, collect data, model natural phenomena, and use appropriate mathematics to make predictions. The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of how physicists explore and explain the natural world. Topics covered include motion in one and two dimensions, Newton’s laws, momentum, energy, simple harmonic motion, waves, and electricity. Special emphasis will be placed on the appropriate use of models, mathematics, and experiments to understand core concepts.
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