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  • Attn: Summer 2021 will offer in-person camps & classes

    All 2021 offerings will be held in-person. Please lease read all descriptions as some details have changed (and some may still change).  There will NOT be Lower School academic classes, for we didn't not feel we could provide the programs in a beneficial way, given the COVID-related measures and the logistics that would've been involved.
  • St. Albans is an all-boys school. Do you accept girls into your Summer Programs?

  • Are all of your participants from St. Albans?

     No, we accept students/campers from any school or any part of the globe!
  • Can I register for Headfirst or Beauvoir camps through your office?

    NO! These programs have their own offices and registration procedures; please contact them directly.
  • Can I still register for more programs?

     Yes...register for as many St. Albans activities as you'd like!
  • Can my son/daughter park on campus?

    We do not have adequate space on campus to allow for a lot of extra parking.  He/she can find space in the garage next to the National Cathedral. *If your son/daughter is enrolled in an academic course, they should contact the Summer School director, as there may be some consession for academic enrollees who drive.
  • Can the Summer Programs accommodate children with peanut or life-threatening injuries?

    Yes to peanuts, however life threatening injuries will need to be discussed with the Summer Programs director and our training staff.
  • Do counselors apply sunscreen? I would like my child to apply sunscreen during camp - what is the policy and procedure?

    We provide sunscreen in most cases and make sure that all kids apply it for outdoor camp.  However, we do ask that (if appropriate) the first application is applied at home, before drop off.  Also, if your child requires a special kind of sunscreen, please send it with them and they should apply it when we do a sunscreen check.
  • Do I need to complete any Health Forms for my child to participate?

    We do not require copies of records or signed doctor's notes, HOWEVER, we do ask to be made aware of any medical issues (allergies, recent injury, etc) and there are sections for this information as part of both the online process and the downloadable registration form.
  • Do you accept walk-in registrations?

    *Summer 2021: Due to the pandemic, we ask that participants be registered in advance, as there will be capacity constraints.

    Our preference is for you to register online or otherwise in advance.  However, if space is available and you've previously check the status of the camp or class, same day registration may be possible.  We cannot guarantee acceptance, but we have been able to accept walk-in registrations, particularly for sports camps (except rowing and golf).
  • Do you charge registration fees and/or allow deposits?

    There are no extra fees associated with registration.  The price of the camp, class, or child care is the only cost you pay to us.  We do not allow deposits, full payment is expected at the time of registration.  You cannot and should not do online registration if you cannot pay the full fee.  It is wise to contact our office if you have a particular circumstance.  It is at our discretion if we work out an arrangement with you.
  • Do you have a summer nurse? Is there a nurse on duty? What if a student/camper becomes hurt or injured during the program?

    An athletic trainer or certified first aid/CPR provider is always on campus during Summer Programs.  We do not have a nurse available this summer.
  • Do you offer academic classes for credit?

    Secondary schools may be willing to give credit for St. Albans courses, but in each case, individual arrangements must be made by the student with his/her school before he/she embarks on his/her course of study.  St. Albans Summer School is not prepared to incorporate special requirements of another school into its courses.
  • Do you offer Extended Day? Where is the After Care pick up? How will my child transition from AM care, to morning, afternoon, PM care, etc?

    *Before & After Care is suspended for Summer 2021*

    The Before Care Program takes place at the Herman Entry Plaza or Summer Programs office.  A counselor will accompany campers/students to their specific camp or class each morning around 8:45 am.  Daily attendance will be taken.

    The daily rate must be paid the morning of drop off at the attendance check-in table.  Acceptable payment will be cash, credit card, or check.  Please enroll your son/daughter online for full week extended care.  If possible, please call the office (202-537-6450) at least on day ahead of time, so we are able to process your daily enrollment in a more efficient manner.

    Before Care Drop Off
    Students and campers should be dropped off at thee Herman Entry Plaza on Pilgrim Road.  Access Pilgrim Road from Massachusetts Avenue entrance.

    After Care Program
    Once their afternoon activities are done, registered students and campers will be escorted to the Summer Programs office for After Care.  They will engage in a selection of fun activities, including recreational sports and games, reading, drawing, and watching short videos.  After Care is also an opportunity for students enrolled in classes to study.  A light snack will be provided, however children are more than welcome to bring their own.
    Walk-up registrations for care are always welcome; but when possible, please email or call the office at least one day ahead of time so we are able to process your daily enrollment in a more efficent manner.  Acceptable payment will be either cash, credit card, or check.  The After Care program ends promptly at 6:00 pm.  St. Albans has an extremely strict late pick-up policy and associated penalty fees; see the side bar for details.  Please enroll your camper online for week-long care. *There is no aftercare for students or campers only enrolled in morning activities. 

    After Care Pick Up
    Participants in After Care will be picked up from the Summer Programs office in the Activities Building, located at 3551 Garfield St NW.  If you wish to pick up your camper before the beginning of After Care, please contaact the office at 202-537-6450 or summerprograms@stalbansschool.org, so that we may coordinate with your child's counselors for a pick up at the Herman Entry Plaza.
  • Do you offer lunch or snacks?

    We do not offer lunch.  Some activities do provide snacks, namely Baseball, Football, Tennis, and Aftercare; but you are welcome to pack something specific for your child.
  • Do you provide transportation to and from campus each day?

    No, we do not have bussing.
  • Does my child need a lunch?

    Your child will need a lunch if he/she will be with us for the whole day.  St. Albans does not provide lunch to campers and students.
  • How can I contact you?

    The phone number for the Summer Programs office is 202-537-6450 and email is summerprograms@stalbansschool.org
  • How do I ensure my child is with their friend? How do I request that my child be in his/her class with a friend? Is this possible?

    St. Albans does not have a buddy request system.  It is up to families to coordinate the best they can with others, to know the activities their children might mutually share.  If they are of the same grade level or age, then it is likely that they will be in similar activities; however a class or camp may be further divided after the first days to better facilitate learning.  If the separation becomes an extreme problem for your child, please contact the Summer Office with your child's name, friend's name, activity they are in.  We will try addrssing the staff to see if something can be worked out.  But please be aware, that for skill-based groupings, if one child is higher or lower than the other, the staff must organize the best they can, so that ALL kids get the proper instruction.
  • How do I know if there is room?

    • You may contact the office for that information.  If a class or camp meets its maximum, we'll note it on the website and it will no longer be an option through online registration.  The online registration does have a status bar for activities. *We will also attempt to update the remaining spots (particularly for classes) within their descriptions, as space starts to dwindle.
  • How does carpool work?

    At the appropriate time, whomever is responsible for the student/camper's arrival or pick up from our campus, needs to go the location or Zone appropriate for the given activity (class or camp). A staff member will come to your car to provide assistance.  A map of locations will be provided closer to the start of the summer; and subsequently be emailed to all new registrants.
  • How does your waitlist work?

    You must contact our office with your name, the activity interested in (include session or week, if applicable) and best way to contact you.  We will keep a list and while we cannot guarantee space will become available, we will do our best to contact those (in order of inquiry), if an opportunity arises.
  • How much does this cost?

    Currently, sports camps range from $295 to $465, depending on the sport and time option selected.  Academic class prices vary, please consult their descriptions, though some cost a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.
  • How much is before and after care?

    *Before and After care will not be offered for Summer 2021. For students needing to arrive significantly before their classes, please contact Tom Carroll tcarroll@stalbansschool.org. For campers, who need to arrive prior to 9am start times, most staff will be on-hand by 8:30; if you need earlier, please contact the Summer Programs office summerprograms@stalbansschool.org.

    Before Care: Weekly cost is $80; daily cost is $20
    After Care: Weekly cost is $145; daily cost is $30*

    Late Pick Up Policy
    If your child is not picked up by 6:00 pm, you will be charged a $50 penalty fee. This penalty is also applicable for late pick up at normal dismissal times.
  • How will I be notified if St. Albans has to close for a weather-related or other emergency?

    It is important to note that we generally do not cancel our sports camps due to inclement weather, but find an alternative means to have the kids with us.  We will do our best to send out an email to all families in advance, should such a circumstance arise.  We do not have mass texting/phone capabilities for any last minute occurance.  Staff will be dispersed to aid with issues for pick up/drop off.
  • Is there a microwave for heating lunches?

    No. For 2021, lunch to be eaten outside as much as possible. Please ensure your child's food is packaged properly.
  • Is there an opportunity to visit the campus prior to the first day of camp/classes? Do you offer program tours?

    No, we are unable to offer tours of the campus due to the extremely short turnaround between the close of our normal academic school year and the start of summer activities.
  • Is there Financial Aid available?

    For current St. Albans students (those enrolled in the school):
    • Requests for financial aid will be handled by the Summer Programs Office.
    • Students are eligible for scholarships if they are required to take the course; no scholarships will be provided for elective courses.
    • Aid is only available for academic couses.
    • The deadline to apply for aid is Friday, April 14.
    For students from other schools:
    • For students not regularly enrolled at St. Albans, select summer program scholarships are offered through nonprofit organizations, but not St. Albans School
    • Interested students/parents must work directly with those organizations to pursue scholarships.  St. Albans does not provide a list of such organizations.
  • Is there public transportation to St. Albans?

    St. Albans' campus is near many Metrobus lines, with a few metro train stations with 5-15 minutes (tenleytown & Woodley Park/Zoo-Connecticut Ave).  You'll need to check Metro's website for further details www.wmata.com. Keyworkds to search are: Woodley Rd, Wisconsin Ave, Massachusetts Ave, and Garfield St; each of which are key streets in the area of campus. The 30-numbered buses run close by.
  • Late Pick Up Policy

    We allow a 14-minute grace period for you to pick up your child after his or her class or camp ends.  If your child is not picked up by the end of the grace period, you are subject to the following penalty fees:
    • 15 minutes late: $50
    • Each additional minute late, adds $3 to the intial $50
      • Any Summer School student not picked up by 3:15 pm, will be sent to Summer Programs office.
      • Any sports camper not picked up by 3:45 pm will be sent to Summer Programs office.
    Note: If your son/daughter will be invoilved in both classes and camps, please ensure you know which drop off and pick up locations you should go to, at the appropriate times, and communicate this with any others who may escort him/her to and from our campus.
  • May I register my child for just one day?

     No, it is not customary to accept one day registrations. This might only be possible for certain sports camps (not for classes), but it would need the approval of that camp's director and only if there is space available.
  • My child can't be at camp for the entire session - Can a portion of a camp/class be prorated?

    Since Summer Programs costs (salaries, maintenance, etc) are fixed, no refunds for absences or voluntary withdrawals from camp or class will be made.  The money paid for classes/camps can be converted to "credit forward," meaning it can be used towards future registrations by an eligible child in your household. (*For summer classes, only 1 week's cost fo class is forwarded).  Some sports camp directors may allow a camper to return to camp at a later date, to make up missed days they paid for; but this must be approved in advance.

    There will be a $35 charge for every schedule change intitiated on the student/camper's registration; however no charges apply if such changes are intitiated by St. Albans School.
  • My Child Is "__ years old or going into __ grade," what are their program options?

    Summer classes are rising grade level-specific and sports camps are age-specifict (though grade level is noted). In addition to the descriptions of the activities themselves, thee are two tools on our webstite that can assist:
    • Listing by Grade - found under the All Classes & Camps tab
    • Summer Schedule tool - found in upper right corner of webiste. This allows you to see the activites, by grade level, for a given month, as a means to narrow down option in calendar form.
  • My child would like to switch to a different program mid-week, is this possible?

    Only if all efforts to address whateve the issue might be the cause for the request has been exhausted and provided there is room in the other program, might this occur.  Simply requesting to switch because it is discovered that "Jannie is doing this" will not be tolerated.
  • My child's camp experience is off-campus. Can I drop them directly to that site?

    For Summer 2021, all off-site camps (Golf, Kayaking & Rowing), participants must be picked up & dropped off directly at site. Please see camp description for details.

    Yes, it is possible, particularly for Rowing Camp, to drop off/pick up campers from the Thompson Boat House, 2900 Virginia Ave NW.  Please communicate this intention to the Summer Programs office, so that the bus does not wait.  Please note however, that ALL campers must report to St. Albans on their first day of camp, in order to take the swim test, after which they'll travel together on our bus.
  • My kid's in a sports camp...what do you do if it rains?

    Firstly, we will not cancel camp!
    Depending on the severity of the weather (rain, esp) and the particular sports program, camp may be able to occur outside for some time.  If that is not possible, we move the campers indoors and try to utilize whatever spaces we can have access to, which could include our two gymnasiums, classrooms, and other areas.  We try to still keep the campers involved with the sport they are here to participate in, by bringing in equipment suitable for indoor play and other activities which might including viewing videos or live action of the sport.
    *For rowing camp: The Thompson Boathouse is equipped with indoor machines that they camp can utilize.  If it is not possible for the camp to use it, they may return to STA.
    *For golf camp: The East Potomac Golf Course has a driving range which can be utilized, should weather strike.  If it is not possible to go to the course, the campers may remain at STA.
  • There are so many offerings, how do I know what to sign up for?

    There are so many offerings, how do I know what to sign up for? That's purely up to you and the needs/interests of your child.  If you have a sense of what he/she would like to do, whether it is sports, classes, or both, then you can check those options more thoroughly and go from there.
  • What about dismissal changes?

    Please note the following categories of Dismissal Changes:
    • Early Pick Up
    • Child going home with a friend or someone not on authorized pick up list. We ask that parents provide us with the is information in advance, so that it can be communicated to the appropriate staff handling pick up.
    Additionally, if for some reason, Summer Programs needs to change dismissal procedures (like location) due to weather or some other reason, we will email families as soon as we can and have staff at the normal dismissal areas to provide direction. We do not have mass texting/phone capability.
  • What are the exact times for pick-up and drop-off and for early/after-care?

    Drop off starts at 8:30 am and pick-up starts at 3:30 pm, for sports camps.  For classes, pick up depends on when their classes end. Students with courses that end at 3:00pm, must be picked up at 3:00 pm.
    Before Care drop-off starts at 7:30 am and After Care ends promptly at 6:00 pm.
  • What are the hours?

    Sports camps run from 9:00am to 3:30 pm (except football & soccer 9:00 am - 12:00 pm only and rowing 10:00am - 1:00pm). Class times vary, but will take place between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. [ Suspended for 2021:Before Care is from 7:30 - 9:00 am; Aftercare is from 3:30 - 6:00 pm.]
  • What are the telephone options for participants and parents (cell phones, calls during the day, etc)?

    It is preferred that students/campers not utilize their phones during camp or class time (unless a class requires use of apps, such as calculator or something specifically designated by the instructor).  Kids should only use phones during breaks or before/after activities.
  • What are your session lengths?

    Camp and class sessions run Monday to Friday. Sports camps run weekly, while classes may run for 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-weeks. (Course descriptions note the amount of weeks).
  • What are your summer dates?

    Summer Programs 2021 will run for 8 weeks, June 14-August 6; with Summer School held from June 21-July 30. Sports camps availability varies, see individual webpages for weeks offered.

    • June 14 - June 18 (Week 2)
    • June 21- June 25 (Week 3)
    • June 28 - July 2 (Week 4)
    • July 6 - July 9 (Week 5)*No classes or camps Monday, July 5
    • July 12 - July 16 (Week 6)
    • July 19- July 23 (Week 7)
    • July 26 -  July 30 (Week 8)
    • August 2 -August 6 (Week 9)
  • What discounts do you offer?

    A combo camp discount is offered for those who register their son/daughter for different morning and afternoon sports during the same week.  For example, Week 3: AM Tennis, PM Swim. We offer no other discounts.
  • What do campers do for lunch?

    Sports campers will be taken indoors to have their lunch; Summer school students with classes throughout the day will be directed to areas to eat.
  • What do I need to send in with my child each day? Is there anything special they have to bring/wear to camp? Are there any restrictions to what my child can wear/bring ? Can campers bring any music, gaming, or telephone devices?

    A. The sports camps have required equipment and dress policies on their individual site pages, please reference them.
    B. As for Summer School, our dress code is not specific, but students/parents should be mindful not to wear anything that can be construed as "inappropriate" or in "bad taste".  If it is not something they can wear at their home school, then it probably should not be worn here.
    C. While there is no policy specifically against bringing gaming devices or trading cards, we would encourage your child leave them at home.  St. Albans cannot be held responsible if they are lost, damaged, or stolen.  Having these items could also provoke jealousy or friction from those who may not have access to these personally; we'd like to limit any possible negative circumstances.
  • What if I want to pick up my student/camper early?

    You should contact the Summer Programs office, in advance (whenever possible), so that we can make arrangements for your child's early dismissal.
  • What if my child has special dietary restrictions? My child has a serious health allergy - How can I assure their safety? What if my child has an allergy?

    Please be sure to inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies, so that our medical staff can review that information in advance.  We will work with our staff to ensure your child eats in an environment that won't agitate their issue.  St. Albans does not provide lunch to students or campers.
  • What if my child needs medication? My child needs to have daily medication or an EpiPen available - How is this handled? What if my child needs to take medication during the day?

    Please provide the medication and instructions to the a staffer at the start of your child's session.  While our training staff may have a spare Epi-pen available, we ask that families proivde pens that will travel with the student/camper thoughtout the day.  For swim and tennis camp, the staff ask for a pen to remain with them for the duration of the camp week and will be return on the last day.  We are unable to administer medicene to children during the summer without a nurse, per DC Law.  Athletic trainers and staff with CPR training make up our first responders.
  • What is the attendance policy?

    We expect that students and campers to attend each day and every activity they are signed up for.  We understand illness occurs, travel, or some other issue may arise, causing them to miss some time.  Please contact our office when something like this happends, so that all appropriate staff know the situation.
  • What is the payment schedule? What forms of payment do you accept?

    Payment is due when registering for camps or classes.  We accept cash, checks (payable to St. Albans Summer Programs), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Please no prepaid or diner's cards, etc.
  • What is the registration process? How do I submit my application? Can applications be mailed or dropped off?

    You can enroll in Summer Programs by downloading our registration form or completing the online process. Paper applications can be mailed or dropped off, however online registrants will receive slots quicker, especially as the start dates draw nearer.
  • What is the staff to camper/student ratio?

    The ratio will depend on the class or camp and the capacity allowed for it. Most classes have one instructor, although for the Lower School, some classes will have one or two main teachers and then an aide or two.  Sports camps will have a director and a variable number of counselors.  The breakdown of camper to cach or teacher to student varies.
  • What is your Refund Policy? What is your cancellation policy? What happens if a session, class, or camp is cancelled?

    S. Albans has a No Refund policy.  If you need to cancel the registration, we will grant you "credit forwarded," meaning we will deposit those funds for the current summer, but you will have that amount "available" for future registration (meaning you won't pay up to that amount).  However, it is critical to note that for Summer School classes, we are only able to offer credit forward for 1 week of the class' cost.

    If you register online, but within 24 hrs, notice you signed up for the wrong or unwanted activity, you must contact us immediately (even if over weekend/after hours, leaving a message) the registration will be adjusted or money returned, whichever is appropriate.  But again, you must realize and notify us of the mistake within 24 hrs of the registration, for example, register Friday night at 8:00 pm, we must have a message or email by 8:00 pm Saturday.

    If St. Albans has to cancel a camp or class, families will be contacted to see if a substitute can be found, otherwise they are entitled to a full refund for that activity.
  • What is your Summer Programs philosophy?

    For nearly half a century, St. Albans has provided youth and teens with top-notch summer scholastics and sports in Washington, D.C.  We pride ourselves in helping our participants get stronger in the classroom, on the field, and within themselves.  Our goal is to make the summer programs experience rewarding for everyone!
  • What precautions do you take to handle the summer heat?

    We make sure that the children stay hydrated and take breaks during hot and humid summer days.  If the weaher is too extreme, then outdoor campers will be moved inside to engage in appropriate activities, whenever possible.
  • What should I do if I can't remember my username and/or password?

    Our office does not have access to your password or security questions; your username is the email address you used to create the account. You must click the "Forgot Password" link on the front screen of the registration portal to retrieve your log-in credentials. However, if you need to change the email address associated with your account and it is used to log in, ou must contact us at summerprograms@stalbansschool.org. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS (If you have used the online system before to register for the St. Albans Tennis Center or St. Albans Swim Club, please use the same log-in credentials.)
  • What should I do if my child is going to be absent from camp or class? What if my child needs to leave early?

    Please notify the Summer Programs office in advance so that this information can be relayed to the appropriate staff and any adjustments be made.
  • When do you begin accepting applications? May I submit my application earlier than that?

    *Registration launch for 2021 still pending. Likely sometime in March. Thanks for your patience.
    Registration typically opens for the upcoming summer by mid-December. For example, for Summer 2017, we lauanched December 15, 2016.  We are unable to accept application prior to the official opening of the registration period.
  • When does your registration period close?

     Enrollment in our camps and classes are ongoing or until any capacity limit is reached. You would need to be conscious of the dates for the activities you wish to sign up for, to ensure you enroll before it ends.  Classes and sports camps have specific availability, so please consider accordingly.
  • When will I receive grades and reports for my child's academic classes?

    The Summer School will issue reports for academic courses at the end of each "semester" (the end of the third and final weeks).  If an additional report should be sent to the student's school, please contact Susie Spaulding, the Summer School Registrar, at sspaulding@stalbansschool.org or 202-537-6412.

    *No reports will be sent to parents or schools, and no course credits will be registered, until settlement of all financial obligations.
  • Where do I drop off and pick up my child? How does pick-up and drop-off work? What is the drop off and pick up procedure?

    Summer School Students

    Summer School Students should be dropped off at Senior Circle (aka Zone A).  Pick up is in the same locations (unless they are going to a pm sports activity, to which pick up will be at the Pilgrim Road site). We ask that parents/escorts not stop (except to drop off students) or park their vehicles in the drop-off lane.  No students should be dropped off or picked up on Garfield Street at any time.  Please do not wait for your child on Garfield Stree, on the gymnasium service road, or in the St. Sophia's turn-around area. *If your child is registered for before care, they will be dropped of at the Herman Entry Plaza, aka Zone B, then escorted to class.

    Sports Campers
    Parents of sports campers should enter campus via Pilgrim Road off Massachusetts Avenue and then proceed through the intersection by the Peace Cross, and go down the hill to the designated drop-off area (Herman Entry Plaza aka Zone B). Pick up is in the same location (unless they are going to a pm academic activity, to which Senior Circle is the pick up).  We ask that parents/escorts not stop (except to drop off students) or park their vehicles in the drop-off lane.  No students should be dropped off or picked up on Garfield Street at any time.  Please do not wait for your child on Garfield Stree, on the gymnasium service road, or in the St. Sophia's turn-around area.
  • Who are the staff members who work at Summer Programs?

    Quite a few of the Summer School faculty and all of the Sports Directors are from the St. Albans community.  We do enlist outside educators for some of our courses, many of whom are repeat contributors to our Summer Programs; they are interviewed and selected by the Summer School Director.  For our sports camps, St. Albans students/staff and NCS students have been employed as well as those solicited through job announcements.  They are interviewed and hired by the camp directors.
  • Will I receive additional information about camps/classes after I register?

    Yes, you will receive a confirmation for the classes and/or camps that you've registered your child for, within days.  Additional information will be emailed as we approach the start of summer.
  • Will my child be grouped with other children from his/her school?

    That is not something we can track; nor do we have a buddy request system.  If your child is in the same program as others they know, then chances are they will have the chance to interact. *Please note that there may be additional groupings formed within some camps or classes, which may prevent their pairing. *If you are looking for your child to be in the same activities (at the same time) as his or her friend(s), ensure you know what & when they are doing it, so that office is not burdened with looking up this information, that we don't actually have to provide. (Example: if the friend is doing 2 sports in the same week (for week X), find out which sport will be in the morning (AM) and which will be in the afternoon (PM).) We would greatly appreciate this.
  • Will my child's lunch be refrigerated?

    No, you will need to provide a chilling mechanism to keep the food cool.
Located in Washington, D.C., St. Albans Summer Programs – a combined summer camp and summer school for area and out-of-town boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 12 – provides half- and full-day academic and art classes and athletic camps for football, golf, rowing, swimming, and tennis at state-of-the-art athletic facilities.